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Event branding

We offer you wide possibilities of branding and personalization of your event.

In basic version we will offer you:

Name badges

They make it easier for participants to identify groups, contain basic information about the agenda and contact details.

Baggage tags

2 per participant, one for check-in and one for cabin luggage, making the process of collecting your bags at the destination airport much easier.

Trip itinerary

Convenient and useful brochure with the program, practical information and contact data

Trip flag

A flag with a company logo is very handy during group activities and may be used, for instance, to clearly identify a catamaran.

Meal menu

A printed menu with you logo will be available for each meal

Logotypes placed on tables

The table assigned to the group for meals will be marked with “tents” bearing the company logo

Coach marking

The coaches in which the group will be traveling will be marked with signs bearing the company’s logo

It is also worth thinking about additional branding elements, such as:

Designing the trip logo

Designed specifically for the trip, used in the communications before departure communications, during the event, and after return.

T-shirts, jackets, bags or backpacks with the trip logo

Used during the activities, or as a souvenir.

Fruit or sweets with the customer or trip logo

As a welcome or goodbye souvenir at the hotel.

A framed photograph from the trip

Handed out to participants at the airport, after return


A gift presented after return, prepared by the Haxel team, based on the images selected in cooperation with the customer.

Welcome and goodbye letters

After arriving in their hotel room, the participants will find a welcome note. On the last night of their stay, they will find a goodbye letter, thanking for their participation in the event.

Photograph services and trip video

Upon your request, we may make sure that every moment of the trip is captured by a professional photographer. We may also be accompanied by a professional cameraman who will record and edit an attractive video.

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