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About incentive travel

What is incentive travel all about?

Before any objectives can be met, one always needs to encourage, convince, persuade and motivate. In most cases, this applies to employees (especially to commercial departments and sales teams), or to customers. The effectiveness of such efforts may be boosted by the use of proven tools, such as incentive travel, offered as a reward or a bonus.

According to the ASSOCIATION OF INCENTIVE TRAVEL ORGANIZERS, “Incentive travel is a travel service, offered by specialized entities for the benefit of corporate customers or organizations, aiming to create, reinforce or enhance the relationship between the ordering party and the participants, or between the participants themselves, with the latter comprising three categories of people related to the ordering party, namely: employees, business partners or consumers. Each incentive travel project has a unique scenario that leads to the achievement of the business objective.”


We are your partner in the world of incentive travel.

Get inspired by taking a look at the trips we have organized, or meet us and let yourself be inspired!

Incentive travel – motivate your team


Companies achieving the best results usually offer their employee more than others, and apply various types of motivational programs. Unique emotions and experiences that are a characteristic feature of each incentive travel event, offer the benefit of a long-lasting motivating effect. Data from the American market shows that over 74% of entrepreneurs provide their employees with non-cash rewards, with as many as 46% of them offering incentive travel. According to latest estimates, Polish companies earmark over PLN 200 million per year on motivational trips for their employees.

Incentive travel – rewards for customers


Incentive travel – a well-established item of many marketing plans – is an effective method of building loyalty among customers in B2B. The trip is usually considered a reward for achieving a purchase budget or winning a sales contest. Incentive travel offers a great opportunity to build a lasting Customer-Supplier relationship, as usually the customers are accompanied by their direct contacts from the sponsor’s company (sales representatives, sales directors, management).



  • The motivating effect is long-lasting – waiting for the trip is a part of the award, and an award that involves emotions motivates the most,
  • The best of the best are offered the feeling of belonging to an elite club, the level of their loyalty increases,
  • You integrate your team on several levels, the team spirit becomes activated,
  • By including CSR into the trip, you integrate the team around a noble idea: you foster employer branding.


  • You are rewarding a person from a company you cooperate with. If the invitation is personal – you are certain who will benefit from your marketing actions,
  • Shared experiences offer a solid base for building an informal relationship,
  • If the campaign is long-lasting, you are provided with numerous opportunities to establish contact with your customer,
  • You become a “nice memories” expert, at the time achieving specific business objectives.
Communication is the key

The incentive travel experience starts long before the trip begins. It often commences when the award in a competition (for customers) or a motivational program (for employees) is first announced.

This offers you a great number of opportunities to communicate, over the period of several months, with the event participants. We may gradually increase the tension by refusing to disclose what the “adventure” will be about - this solution is chosen by many of our customers.

We may also lay our cards on the table and give the participants a choice. They might fight, for instance, for a week of adventure in Mauritius, or for an off-roading experience in Iceland. Participants may be also encouraged to take part in a game of many years, by announcing your travel plans for a number of years to come. Such an approach was adopted by one of our customers, who announced the winners would visit 6 continents in 6 years, and this plan has proven to be wonderfully effective! Post-event communication is very important as well, as it usually helps maintain very good impressions from the event (motivational effect), but also encourages the participants of future contests to act.



The share of respondents who feel appreciated and distinguished by participating in our incentive travel events


the share of respondents who feel more loyal towards the company sponsoring the trip


The share of respondents who are of the opinion that the trip has been a source of truly unique experiences they would not be able to organize for themselves

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